ACCESS: All beings should have equal access to spiritual teachings and practices such as Bhakti Yoga and kirtan. We are committed to lowering barriers to access by providing affordable, free, and donation-based offerings as well as scholarship opportunities. We are also committed to doing outreach to the prison system and recovery centers. We understand that there are other structural barriers to access besides physical and financial, and we strive to ensure that our events are a safe and inviting space for all, including Indigenous, POC, and LGBTQIA+ communities. We are also committed to forming diverse collaborations so we can serve the most people in the best way.

INTROSPECTION: We recognize the long history of spiritual “truth” used as weapons to perpetuate the oppressive systems of colonization, exploitation, patriarchy, white supremacy, heteronormativity, ableism, and class. We aim to be constantly critical of these influences on our thinking and actions so we can minimize harm and move towards rectifying past wrongs. We recognize that we too are locked in an unhealthy system and our minds are plagued by the virus of colonization and extraction. Thus, we strive to be learners of continuous growth on the path.

SERVICE: The teachings are only thoughts if not embodied. We commit to live these teachings through social action and direct service in the world and our own personal lives.

INTEGRITY: Everything matters. We adamantly deny “the end justifies the means.” We honor process as its own fruit, and we strive to be ethical in every decision, commitment, interaction, collaboration, sourcing, and production.

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